The Start of Something New

I'll be completely honest. I used to be an Open Diary kid. (That's what came before LiveJournal, for those of you who think you are 'so old' now that Spiderman has been rebooted 3 times since 2001. Ok bad example ... that makes us all feel old. But come on though ... HOMECOMING LOOKS AMAZING!) 

Anyway, Open Diary and LiveJournal and a ton of writing classes later and I will freely admit it ... I am not good at keeping on top of these things. And so, it is with the best of intentions but perhaps the lowest of expectations that I start this blog. I hope to post design updates, travel stories, press information, and anything else that I am allowed to share about my given projects. 

Later. When it isn't 3 AM. 

Who am I kidding. 

It's always 3 AM.